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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Tuesday!
Question: When does a card STOP being fun and START being stressful! Answer: When you have folded it 50 times! LOL~~I didn't do it quite that many, but it did give me fits after awhile. Anyway, if you want to see what this fold is supposed to look like (this is not it!) then Google "Diamond Fold + YouTube." The woman gives fabulous directions but somehow my brain  was not receiving. In spite of the fact it looks like the stealth bombler waiting for its next flight, I decided to roll with it, because 1) I was tired, and 2) I NEVER waste paper.  I'm entereing this into CMC Challenge, coloring metal.
I hope everyone has a great week, I'm starting on Easter cards (this is the third one) so I shall be posting again on the weekend~~hugs to everyone who needs them, and to those who don't!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Soooooooooo, I have 15 (yes, count'm FIFTEEN) followers! I'm really excited (it's the little things these days!) Anyway, I am also excited because (drum roll.......) I got my first blog award! So here are the details:

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you to Tracy Tucker for this award, how nice was that! Tracey's blog is HERE, so please visit!
Next up, I need to share eight wonderful, inspiring, breathtaking things about myself:

....................hmmmmmm, I'm thinking~~~~
6. OK, got one! I have had two major careers in my life. I was a licensed hairdresser for 6 years, and a Postmaster for 21 years (The former is why I never display a picture, the latter is why I buy stamps on line)
7. I'm a mutt~~my grandmother was from Liverpool England, my grandfather was 1/2 native American, and my father was missing. (OK, TMI!)
8. I used to paint in oils many, (as in MANY) years ago. Copics are waaaaaay harder!
I also have a rather bizarre dry sense of humor, that people rarely understand. That is why my favorite blog on the planet is Here.............Marlene is the funniest person, she completely cracks me up!
My goal is one day to be on a DT, but of course you have to apply and I have not reached that level of confidence yet~~maybe soon though.
I want to share this award with the following blogs, and hope you will visit them as well~~(all 15 of you need to do this, hahaha!)

Marlene~~Disguised As a Grownup (You are my laugh out loud buddy!)
Ann~~AnnFran (Your work is inspiring!)
Linda Palmer~~Linda's Stamping Blog (Retirement is wonderful!)
Annette~~Mypommiepurplepatch (Love that name!)
Mary Frances~~FrancieCrafter (Her coloring is fabulous!)
Yvonne~~Yvonne's Stamps, Paper & Ink (Unbelievable!)
Helen~~To Cut or Color (Beautiful work!)
Jane Miller~~PolkaDot Gypsy (There should be an award for this name, I love it!)
Puh-leeeze visit all of my on-line friends, and tell'm I sent you, LOL! Thank you again Tracey, you made my day!